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(In the Baltimore Area Market Place)

  • Free consultation w/Bud Becker via telephone
  • Professional disc jockey-emcee (Bud) & a sound (Alex) 2 person set-up
  • State of the art computerized music system with a music library of over 40000 MP3 music files with everything from the 30's to 2008.
  • Cordless microphone and formal attire
  • Wedding Prices - $675
    Per 4 hours, including ceremony in the same room. (Closest competitor "The Pros" is $1,100)
  • Additional Hour $150
    Second system available for ceremony in another area


  • When you contact Mr. DJ, the person you speak with to discuss Your event is the same person that will be present at Your event. This is an important part of considering Mr. DJ versus other deejay services in that you are assured that all aspects discussed with Mr. DJ will be implemented at Your affair, since there is no middleman between you and Mr. DJ.

  • For a wedding reception and ceremony it is especially important to have clear lines of communication between You and the DJ. As a Bridal Magazine pointed out in an article on hiring entertainment, "Your DJ will be responsible for over 80% of the success of your wedding day. If you hire the wrong DJ, or simply the cheapest one you can find, and your reception fizzles, you didn't save any money - you lost money, you lost the entire investment in your wedding. There are not do-overs, those are the memories you will keep forever."

  • If you are looking for a DJ service designed for the digital age and the 21st Century, You have come to the right place, Mr. DJ.

  • Mr. DJ incorporates a music response system that uses the latest technology available and matches it with the needs of most people who look for pre-recorded music for their event.

  • Whether it is a Wedding, Birthday Party, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Anniversary, Office Party, Birthday or Retirement Party, Mr. DJ represents the State-of-the-Art technological advances now made available for the disc jockey industry.

  • The Mr. DJ system contains over 40,000 MP3 music files! A small cross section of these music files consist of everything from the Doo Wop Music of the 1950’s, Underground 1960’s music, Motown, 1970’s Rock and Disco, 1980’s Techno-Pop, 1990’s Grunge Bands, Boy Bands and Girl Groups, and even tunes from the Golden Era of Big Bands.

  • Plus, Mr. DJ has all of the current hits according to Billboard Magazine. Every week The Top 25 Hot Single Hits as listed on Billboard Magazine are added into the hard drive. Also the Top 20 Hot Country Singles for people who enjoy that form of music.

  • In addition, Mr. DJ  can tailor the play list to specific cultural, national and ethnic requests.

  • Create Your own music list. Any specific music You want may be added in prior to the engagement. Mr. DJ can program a complete play list that You created and play it without interruption at the event.

  • The DJ table remains clean and clear of any type of clutter. Requests by guests may be accessed in seconds and programmed to play right away. Everything is finger tip accessible.

  • A big part of a DJ responsibility for weddings is the coordination of the activities of the function. It is important for the DJ to not only understand your wishes, but to become familiar with the buildings facilities and personnel. You have to be able to work the facility and make the show fit. Bud Becker's previous experience as a concert tour coordinator brings a powerful ability to size up the facilities, work with their personnel and make you event memorable no matter what the circumstances. Bud has worked with some of the largest concert acts of the 70's. Click here to view some of the acts and shows he has coordinated.